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Festival Director

Hazel O’Keefe, has been critical to the comedy, O’Keefe is a champion not only of the brilliance of funny women but also of the value of taking comedy to new audiences.’ Manchester Evening News

Hazel O’Keefe is the founder of Dulcet Sounds, Laughing Cows Comedy, Club Feminista, The Women in Comedy Festival and is the catalyst for many other projects. A full time self employed consultant, event manager, curator and promotor, who is value and principle driven ‘O’Keefe has taken a very practical approach to solving the problem of discrimination in the comedy world’  (The Telegraph)

Her work was recognised by the 2017 Power Women Awards as an Agent Of Change and by Manchester City Council who awarded her the ’Women of Arts and Culture’ and by Greater Manchester Police with a nomination for the Chief Constable Award of Excellence for her efforts in detached youth work and anti-guns and gangs projects.

‘Hazel’s work has nurtured and empowered hundreds of female performers to explore their talent by providing a supportive space. Hazel has achieved a unique way of supporting women in Manchester and has created a legacy for women both at a local and international level in an art form where women are still under represented.’ Manchester City Council

A full time self employed consultant, curator and promotor and event manager with an hons degree in Community and Youth Work, who is value and principle driven, an ethical and decisive leader with proven success in establishing self sustainable need-led projects in the third sector, identifying growth opportunities and initiating strong business alliances.

Described as ‘ one of the best people in the North West to deal with. She is passionate, friendly and full of integrity for her work.’ Victoria Cook, CBBC / DNN Presenter evidently an innovative leader oozing integrity, encouraging community involvement at every level, contributing to and disseminating a clear-shared vision through a variety of creative mediums.

‘O’Keefe has taken a very practical approach to solving the problem of discrimination in the comedy world’  (The Telegraph)

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